The Kaepernicks’ support of Colin at first came into question after USA Today reported toward the beginning of September that the family flew an American banner before their Modesto, California, home, an obvious articulation of their disappointment with Colin. At the time, Teresa said, “It’s not to our greatest advantage or Colin’s best enthusiasm” to make a remark. Colin later told journalists that his folks “concur with what I’m remaining for.”

Over three months after the fact, his folks are at long last prepared to talk. “Colin has bowed for the national song of devotion as a challenge to the proceeding with racial disparity in this nation,” the announcement read. “He has clarified his purposes behind this in numerous meetings, yet it appears to be a few people still don’t comprehend his point. For reasons unknown, there are some who need to view this as a hostile to military challenge or an un-American position. These perspectives couldn’t possibly be more off-base, however we realize that individuals will accept what they wish to accept. The late comments (assaults) by Admiral Harris upheld by the Pentagon are over the top, and we feel the longing to put forth an open expression in support of our child.”

On Wednesday, Adm. Harry B. Harris, who heads the U.S. Pacific Command, made circuitous remarks against Kaepernick while tending to a group to honor the 75th commemoration of the assault on Pearl Harbor. “You can wager that the men and ladies we respect today – and the individuals who kicked the bucket that game changing morning 75 years back – never took a knee and never neglected to stand at whatever point they heard our national song of praise being played,” he said.

“Our military takes a promise to bolster and guard the Constitution, and many have battled and kicked the bucket to shield our protected rights. To be sure after such yield it is a sensible desire that the majority of our subjects appreciate life, freedom, and the quest for joy,” the Kaepernicks’ announcement read.