A three year old girl in Australia has died after being trapped in a car in 30C heat because there was confusion about who was looking after her. When family members finally found her on the backseat of the locked car, which was parked outside their house, she was unconscious.

They had been Christmas shopping, and family members said she was left amid confusion over who was looking after her. When they realised what had happened, desperate relatives tried to resuscitate her, performing CPR until paramedics and police officers arrived on the scene. But, tragically, she could not be saved.

When paramedics arrived at her house, the little girl had gone into cardiac arrest. She was bluelighted to hospital, whwere she was pronounced dead a short time later.The three year old’s mother said that there had been confusion about who was looking after the little girl following a family shopping trip on Christmas Eve. The girl’s mum is understood to have believed that her grandmother or aunt had her with them. However, they both thought that she was with their mother.

High temperatures

A crime scene was set up, as police began to investigate exactly what had happened. Police have released a statement, confirming that they are investigating the death of a three year old girl, who was found unconscious in the north west of Sydney. Temperatures in Sydney reached 30C on Christmas Eve.

Paramedics and police were called at 4.45pm and found the family inside the home performing CPR in a frantic attempt to revive her. Police took over when they arrived, until paramedics got to the house. They rushed the tragic tot to hospital, but she could not be saved. The family will now be coming to terms with the fact that their little girl will not be opening her Christmas presents.