Lambeth children care homes in London has been under investigation due to allegations that allegedly point to a disturbing fact revealing the sexual abuse several children have underwent nearly 30 years ago.

Two men have even dressed up as Father Christmas and indulged in sexual assaults towards the youngsters.


A log was kept by Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (Sosa) which consists of former residents within the area and have pledged to initiate the investigation and get to the bottom of it as a result to repeated disappointments who have proved to be unsuccessful in inhibiting future abuse and have not charged any abuser.

Co-founder of Sosa, Raymond Stevenson, stated that they have compiled a 129 page record as of now.

Mr. Stevenson stated that the secrets behind this matter will be revealed once and for all, adding that at one point he firmly believed the sexual abuse that had been inflicted on him was merely done on him, only to find out later on that the other victims that stand alongside him now had it way worse.

According to Mr. Stevenson, he claims that all the sexual abuse was performed “on an industrial scale.”

Former residents from Shirley Oaks who suffered sexual abuse have expressed the lasting scars that had been implanted in them as a result of these incidents.


According to Sosa records, it notes that about 48 children have died in these care homes, also adding that an additional 27 more have either committed suicide, died to drug and alcohol consumption, or from illnesses.

The Lambeth Council has vowed to reimburse the children victims who underwent these traumatic experiences with millions of pounds.

Sosa has currently accumulated enough data that points to about 60 alleged sexual abusers from the care homes who range from teachers, doctors, swimming coaches, and far more.