A group of scientists have discovered that chickens just like human beings possess left to right number predisposition. In other words, similar to man, chickens also have the tendency to arrange low numbers on the left and high numbers on the right. The experiment was carried out on sixty baby chickens that were exposed to varied shape patterns standing for various numbers before being made to select a direction. The study was led by Dr Rossa Rugani who said that even though it might be difficult to arrive at the reasons behind the choices, but the outcomes of the study are clear as crystal.

Experiment first of its kind to establish association between humans and animals

The experiment is ground-breaking in that every human being is known to possess a number line and acts accordingly based on this mental knack, but this is the first time that such an association has been established in an animal group. Talking about the study, Dr Rossa Rugani says, “All we can judge is behavioural responses. Therefore, we don’t actually know if it is a real ‘number line’ but it strongly resembles what is observed in the human number line,” The group of researchers designed their tests and had big and small numbers linked with various spatial locations in order to determine similarity in biasness.

Study highlights the role of brain and its physical organization as well!

Even though human beings are known to display a consistent connection between numbers and spaces not much is known about its development. While seven months’ babies are known to choose left to right arrangements, adults are known to place big numbers on the right with smaller numbers on the left. The team is also of the belief that the findings point to the physical organization of the brain as well.