Angela Merkel, who has controlled Germany through a few worldwide emergencies as its first female pioneer, said Sunday that she will look for a fourth term as chancellor, one year from now. “I literally thought about this decision endlessly, but I am ready to run for office again. I want to serve Germany.” Merkel said she expected solid difficulties from the left and right edges of society as Germany has turned out to be more spellbound.

“This election will be difficult, like no other election since the reunification. Everything that’s about how it all depends on me, especially after the elections in the U.S., honors me. But at the same time, I find it very much grotesque and almost bizarre. No person, not even with the biggest experience, can turn things in Germany, Europe and in the world more or less to the good, and especially not the chancellor of Germany”, said Merkel.

The 62-year-old chancellor will likewise look to be re-elected as executive of the Christian Democratic Union party at the national convention one month from now, however she confronts no genuine restriction inside the party. A physicist via training, Merkel got to be chancellor in 2005. She is the main pioneer of a rejoined Germany to have grown up under socialism in the previous East Germany.

On the off chance that she wins one year from now and serves the whole four-year term, Merkel would coordinate her one-time tutor Helmut Kohl’s post-war record of 16 years in office. More than once named “The World’s Most Powerful Woman” by Forbes magazine, Merkel additionally has been proposed by some as the last effective safeguard of liberal values in the West after Donald Trump’s decision as the following U.S. president. Merkel had at least 60% of Germans to survey and say that they want Merkel to run again.