While the similarity between medical software and soccer is not very clear, people attest Neal Patterson’s love for both. Zach Cobb, an organiser with a Sporting KC supporters group, The Cauldron said that many didn’t show interest in Mr Patterson, but that was a promise in Kansas City.

Accolades accorded to Neal Patterson

Patterson was a soccer enthusiast right from time. Sporting Kansas’ spokesman said that Patterson saved them. Also, Zach Cobb reminisced Patterson’s good deeds, pointing out his constant efforts in different scenarios, ranging from employing people to the good things that were done by his organisation.

Patterson many good deeds spread over various areas of life and regions, he did the ALS ice bucket challenge which others did in 2014. He was also a strong advocate for the American Royal Livestock Shows.

Patterson’s unprecedented vision

While there are several good deeds to Patterson’s credit, people still get shocked about the idea he had. Before 40 years, Patterson had a vision of employing over 25,000 people globally with about 12,000 Kansas City spread across its five distinct campuses.

Patterson had a strong belief that his company’s technology can improve medical care, causing better health for patients everywhere. Cerner referred to its interim CEO in a statement where they talked about their great loss. The CEO disclosed that he has been a partner to Patterson for about 40 years and also friends for about the same time. He added that Patterson’s passion for entrepreneurship caused a significant change in their company.

Cerner software is popular and is employed in about 25,000 medical facilities across the globe, with many of it in Kansas including the Truman Medical Center. Cerner’s chief strategy and information officer stated that Patterson’s passion for linking technology with healthcare had caused a significant positive effect on the way Truman Medical Centres care for their patients uniquely. He added that his memories remain as he was a single friend and leader.