Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber Technologies has announced that he will be leaving U.S. President Trump’s economic advisory council.

Mr. Kalanick stated that this decision comes after several have rumored and interpreted his presence in the council as a plain supporter of the policies that have been implemented by Trump and his administration.

Uber has been under heavy pressure recently due to a claim that they had been trying to disperse the protests at the San Francisco Airport by removing the surge price during the event.

Although the company has claimed they attempted no such thing, within moments social media users had slammed them and started to post photos of them deleting their Uber accounts.

“Just a Misunderstanding”

Uber however has stated that their actions were completely misunderstood, yet the users continued to criticize them and deleted the Uber app.

Mr. Kalanick stated in the memo he had sent out to his employees announcing his leave from the council that his presence within it alone implies to the public that he approves of the policies that Mr. Trump had been implementing.

Such controversial policies include President Trump’s temporary halt in allowing any refugees enter the country for a span of 120 days, and a 90 day travel ban for citizens coming from seven specific countries that hold a mainly Muslim population.

A Harsh Misinterpretation

In the memo Mr. Kalanick released he stated that although he never intended to join the advisory council to show support for President Trump, his presence there nonetheless only symbolized that to the public.

The CEO then added that there are several methods that they will support in order to change the immigration policies, “but staying on the council was going to get in the way of that.”

Meanwhile other major tech leaders who continue to be on the advisory council include CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, who has also been majorly criticized.