Carl’s Jr. on Monday during a campaign that lasted a day pitched a couple of bright ideas to Inc. urging them to buy the burger chain.

Included in the list of reasons was: A restaurant that is self-driving, a termed “Eater Reader” tablet that allows you to read off and peruse a few publications simultaneously, and special parking in front.

The campaign was commenced in the early of Monday morning with each tweet attempting to get the attention of Amazon’s AMZN, +0.30%.

Apparently, the pleas were inspired by Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Stores earlier this year and their willingness to spread their enterprise into a lot of fields.

Catching Fun, Forging Alliance

“This is aimed at getting a conversation around reaching a partnership,” Jeff Jenkins, Carl’s Jr. Chief Officer for Marketing on Monday shared with USA Today. “The tweets are an attempt to begin a dialogue with the tech giant and amuse ourselves while at it and see if they catch the fun as we do.”

A new creative direction has been sort for by Carl’s Jr. since the start of the year where it dropped a series of commercials that were sexually suggestive. It is said that the company will continue to be on Amazon’s wall for the remaining part of the week.