A car bomb detonated in the western city of Izmir killing two people.

Two men suspected to be Kurdish militants were stopped at a checkpoint by Turkish police.  They opened fire on the police before detonating the car they were driving and tried to escape the scene.  The explosion killed a policeman and a court house worker.  The two assailants were shot dead in the resulting shootout with police.

It is believed that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK are believed to be behind the attack.  They have carried out similar instance in the past, targeting Turkey’s security forces.  Gov. Erol Ayyildiz suggested as much.  He said, “The information so far suggests it is the PKK. Such a conclusion was reached after we assessed the attack and ID’d the people.”

He did not speak about earlier reports of a third attacker.

He stated both men were armed with rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades.  The incident happened near a courthouse in the Izmir’s Bayrakli district.  The attack was close to an entrance used by judges and prosecutors.

Ayyildiz stated that a further six or seven people were wounded in the attack and police vigilance prevented the attack from being more severe.

Earlier state news said a third attacker was on the run.

This attack follows an attack in a nightclub on New Year’s Day, where a gunman opened fire killing 39 people and wounding 70 others.  Despite an ongoing police investigation involving dozens of people being detained, the gunman is still at large.

Border controls have been tightened, and the investigation is ongoing.

Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the nightclub albeit a few days later.  They said it carried out the massacre due to Turkey’s involvement in the Syrian war.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for this attack so far.

Investigations into today’s terrorist attack and the nightclub incident are still ongoing.