Laurie Smith, Sheriff of Santa Clara County told journalists on Friday that officials are utilizing helicopters, canines and different means as they hunt night and day down the two men. A $20,000 compensate has been posted for the catch of Rogelio Chavez and Laron Campbell. Smith said powers trust the two are still in the region, taking note of pursuit pooches followed them to a close-by waterway before losing their fragrance. “We will locate these two and any individual who is harboring or helping and abetting in their escape we will endeavor to arraign,” she said.

The sheriff additionally told correspondents that powers have gotten various trustworthy tips from individuals who trust they saw the two, including one tip that originated from the region that inquiry puppies had pursued them to. She urged individuals to continue reporting such data yet cautioned they ought not to attempt to go up against the men. “I need to remind the group that these are risky individuals,” she said. “They are not to be drawn nearer. If it’s not too much trouble simply dial 911.”

The hunt drove powers to a motel where a few people were arrested Sunday night. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office got various tips that outlaw detainee Rogelio Chavez was at a Days Inn in Gilroy. Be that as it may, when powers arrived Sunday night, he was mysteriously absent.

Police then arrested various individuals for addressing. It was not clear in the event that they are connected to the case. Police say data proposes Chavez was at the inn as of late as Sunday night yet may have left before police arrived. The match got away with two different detainees by slicing through the bars covering a moment story window of the region’s principle correctional facility and afterward rappelling to the ground. The others were immediately caught.

Chavez, 33, and Campbell, 26, are confronting conceivable life sentences if indicted robbery, blackmail, false detainment and different charges they were being hung on. Chavez had been held at the correctional facility since August and Campbell since February 2015.

Chavez, who is from San Jose, is unmistakable by a particular face tattoo taking after an inky slash experiencing his left eye. Campbell, who is from Palo Alto, stands 6-feet-4. Smith said powers still haven’t found the devices used to slice through the bars and don’t know how they were gotten.