Consumers and companies, alike are seeing the future of transportation. As tests continue to be performed and consumers continue to envision the day, we are getting closer to having vehicles drive for us. This is the type of technology and mechanics that you would find on a movie. Now, it is becoming reality. Although change is inevitable, some people see it far different with self-driving vehicles. One of those is the president of Cadillac, Johan de Nysschen.

While at a Web Summit in Portugal, de Nysschen shared with “On the one hand these new technologies will spell the demise of the traditional car industry. But they are also an opportunity … as more people start using car services, they need automobiles.” He informed that Cadillac would be leading the way for the GM brand for self-driving vehicles. This would involve utilizing the company’s Super Cruise technology that was recently purchased by GM for $1 billion. But, Super Cruise plans to go beyond simplifying the way you get from A to B.

GM is focusing on make money, whether it is for a personal, self-driving vehicle, or no personal vehicle at all.

“We know that our industry is at another inflection point. Two years ago in the luxury market, baby boomers were displaced as the primary buyers. And by 2020, three of four luxury cars in the world will be bought by Gen Xers or Gen Yers … and they have new attitudes, new expectations, and are concentrated in cities”, said de Nysschen.

They point out some of the issues that come with owning a car. The biggest issue for every driver is traffic congestion; especially if you living in a big city. At the same time, there is keeping your car in the garage. If you want a garage by your home in New York, it could cost you $300 to $400 every month.