JonBenet Ramsey’s brother, Burke Ramsey, 29, has just filed a lawsuit against the CBS Corporation in which he sued them for a budget of $750 million.

Mr.Ramsey claims that the CBS broadcasting company were involved in a case of defamation towards him due to a documentary that was created by them in which Mr. Ramsey was accused of murdering his sister back in 1996 by hitting her with a flashlight.

The lawsuit took place in Wayne County, Michigan, and the contents of this case mentioned that during CBS’s four hour documentary, Mr. Ramsey had allegedly been ‘’slandered.”

Profound Resentment

The documentary, named “The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey” was broadcasted due to the upcoming anniversary of the 6 year old well known beauty queen that had been murdered 20 years ago.

The lawsuit mentioned that over 10 million people were watching the documentary as it was broadcasted. Mr.Ramsey has demanded a budget of over $500 million to make up for the punitive damages, and then added an additional $250 million in compensation for the damage done to him.

The Enraging Documentary

The lawsuit that has been made also mentioned in it that both CBS and Critical Content had deliberately went out to defame and hurt Burke Ramsey in the documentary by publishing inaccurate and false details and facts regarding the murder of JonBenet.

Within the alleged false information were statements that had pointed to Mr.Ramsey’s participation in burying up the evidence of the crime with his parents, and then lied and denied everything to the authorities later.

Further supposedly false information had been published in the documentary as the lawsuit claims that DNA that had been linked to Mr.Ramsey and found on JonBenet’s underwear and her pajamas was essentially both false and as it was written ‘worthless.’