British adults are among the most sleep-deprived anywhere in the world, according to latest research.
A new study found that just over a third of people felt they were not getting the right amount of sleep to ensure they did not feel tired during the day.
The research looked at the sleep habits of people in 13 countries across the world.
The UK came out top in the number of people who answered that they did not feel they were getting enough sleep.
A quarter of British people said that getting more sleep, or a better quality of sleep, was a priority for them.
When asked what their health priorities going forward were, recipients said losing weight, followed by getting a better night’s sleep.
According to the research from Aviva, those respondents from India were the most likely to feel they were getting enough rest.
Only nine per cent of those who answered in India said they needed more sleep, followed by China, Indonesia and Turkey.
Even though Spain is renowned for having a mid-afternoon siesta, just over a fifth of people in Spain said they were not getting the shut eye they required.
Coming in with the UK at top of the sleep-deprived list were the US, Canada and Ireland.
The survey has been released to tie in with the night the clocks go back, giving us an extra hour of sleep.
Researchers also found that not getting enough sleep was affecting the amount of exercise that people were doing.
A total of 44 per cent of British people said the reason they were not doing the exercise they should was because they were too tire.
More women said they were too tired to exercise than men.
As the nights draw in during the winter, many people said that shorter days made it more difficult, or less appealing, to exercise. A total of 57 per cent of women and 48 per cent of men said they found it much more difficult to exercise in the winter months.
Dr Doug Wright, who is medical director for Aviva UK Health, said it was vitally important that people got a good night’s sleep.
He said that a good, quality amount of sleep played a part in both mental and physical health.
Without enough sleep, the body could not renew and repair in the way that it should.
He added: “It’s very easy to make a habit of going to bed too late, or not being able to switch off when you do eventually turn in for the night.”