New York – Asgardia, the world’s first space nation designed for humans with the size of a breadbox, created with its own constitution, currency and inhabitants has been launched to Space. The space nation Asgardia-1, which aim is to establish Asgardia’s sovereign territory space, launched to the International Space Station with the Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft on Sunday, November 12. According to a report, Ascardia says the launch is a requirement for it’s admission to the United Nations, and it’s going to remain there for three weeks.

The space nation already has an accepted constitution. It created its own digital currency called the Solar. Solar has been registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, Asgardia also has its own coat of arms as well as an official flag.

Asgardia claims to be free from Earth’s conflicts, with a motto which reads “One Humanity One Unity.” It is said that from space, you can’t see names of the nations, or their conflicts and economic situations. The Asgardia’s primary aim is to have a free, and open society which is free from all forms of conflict – both real and imaginary.

The inhabitants of Asgardia would communicate in many languages and will have a unique political system. But the potential citizens have expressed their concerns over a political agitation. It’s being discussed if the nation should accept displaced people from Earth.

Asgardia will be an independent country

A team of researchers initiated the dream of the space country and was sponsored by a Russian Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli. The project of a virtual nation was revealed at a conference held in Paris in October last year.

At the conference, Dr. Ashurbeyli noted that he believed the private nation could “offer an independent country that is not restricted by Earth-based country’s law.” With the most significant issue being self-organization, he said.

“My mission is to safeguard plant Earth and protect Humanity,” Dr. Ashurbeyli added. “Nobody has ever tried something as incredible as this – uniting 100,000 people from 200 nations who have no existing relationship and stay in different part of the Earth.”