UNITED KINGDOM, London :Commuters on a cold morning on Millenium Bridge.

It’s time to pile on those layers as UK’s capital expects subzero temperature drops in the weekly forecast ahead as the cold front pushes straight through to next week.

Weekend weather forecast predicts temperature drops to lows of minus two Celsius, rising to highs of only seven degrees throughout the day.


The event of overcast clouds late into next week will act as a cloak, bringing with them a slight rise in overall temperatures. Estimates of eight degrees Celsius show slight improvement for next Thursday and Friday with zero degree ranges overnight.

However, predictions made by the Met Office claim temperatures in the negatives will  return that weekend. They describe weather conditions as having a “potential for some frost and fog around on Thursday night but the temperatures won’t be as low as we’ve seen for the last couple of nights.”

Despite a warm end to the week, the Met Office warns locals that the weekend “will bring drier, cold air and will disperse the clouds and temperatures will drop significantly overnight again.”

White Christmas?

London welcomed the start of Christmas season this year with what many describe as an Arctic Blast, with warmest temperatures of five degrees Celsius throughout the week, steeply dropping to lows of minus six in the early hours.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, recently announced that pollution levels in London were categorized as “severe”, particularly near bus stops and train stations. Experts believe the cold climate this season is contributing to increasing levels of air pollution.

With plummeting temperatures hitting the city this early into the season, many wonder if London just might have a white Christmas this year.