Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has announced that he will not apologize for his comments regarding Saudi Arabia in which critics have exclaimed that he would be better off in another position in government instead.

Controversial Speech

Mr. Johnson’s speech that took place in Bahrain while speaking to the Gulf states was to strengthen the economic and tactical links that both London and the Gulf countries would be working together towards.

Allies had stated that Mr. Johnson will be “open, honest, and moral” during his statements. However, it was apparent that he had allegedly broke a pact of the Foreign Office which states that one mustn’t condemn a strategic and important ally of the UK within the region when he greatly criticized Saudi Arabia’s role in the region.

Mr. Johnson mentioned that Saudi Arabia is currently involved in “proxy wars” in his visit to the Gulf. Mr. Johnson has been praised for some however in regards to addressing a truthful matter, and in regards to his statements that mentioned that Saudi Arabia and Iran twist and manipulate religion so as to achieve their own political agenda.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor leader stated that it would be a hypocritical stance for the UK in continuing arms sales to Saudi Arabia at this point.

Sensitive Subject

Conservative member of the Common foreign affairs committee, Daniel Kawczynski believes that while the Saudi government perhaps will accept an offer to reduce diplomatic tension between both nations, nonetheless, Mr. Johnson must be careful so as to how he chooses his words wisely when approaching them.

“There’s a lot of sensitivity here,” Kawczynski remarked. May Theresa’s spokeswoman has stated that Mr. Johnson will have the opportunity to apologize to the Saudis during his visit there, along with reassuring them the government’s policy towards their government.