The decayed body of an infant was discovered in a Dolton shed on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

The story begins when a homeowner noticed a “foul odour” in the house in the 15700 block of South Drexel Avenue then found the infant’s decayed body wrapped in plastic bag Dolton police Chief Robert Collins said.

Wrapped decayed body

The homeowner and one family member of hers went out to clean out the shed, which was next to the house, Collins said. The two were shocked when they found the decayed body of a child and were quick to call the police around 2:15 p.m., Collins said.

The child was wrapped in something, the chief said. “We didn’t manipulate the body, we did not unwrap the body.” he said.

The shed is on an angle, features a stairwell over it and is relatively big enough to contain a lone person.

Collins said the child could have been hidden in the unlocked shed for more than a week; however, the police were waiting for autopsy results to come out.

No arrests

The police have not arrested anybody till this moment. Officers, on the other hand, were questioning most of the people who were at the scene at that time.

“We collected evidence, took photos and took the body to the medical examiner’s office for further examination.” Collins said.

He said he was not certain whether it was a brutal act of murder but “we’re calling it a suspicious death.”

Betty Gorman, a resident who has lived in the neighbourhood and on the same block for 15 years, said the crime was heart-renting and shocking to them as they have never witnessed such brutal crime as this before.

“It’s a shame,” Gorman said. “Nothing like this has happened on this street. It’s always been quiet.”