Black Sabbath, the band known to have invented heavy metal music, played their last show ever in Birmingham, UK.

Black Sabbath played their last-ever show at the NEC Arena in their home city of Birmingham.

The Show

The concert was a two-hour gig, where they played 15 songs, ending with their first-ever hit- Paranoid.

At the end of the show, ticker tape and balloons fell as Ozzy Osbourne, the band’s singer, thanked their fans for supporting them for almost 50 years.

This concert was their last show in their “The End Tour”, which began in the US last year, performing 81 shows all over the world. The band visited Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and South America, and they ended their tour with two shows in their hometown, Birmingham.

About the Band

Black Sabbath formed in 1968 with the singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Lommi, bassist Geezer Butler, and drummer Bill Ward.

Osbourne had quit in 1977 and was replaced by Ronnie James Dio from Rainbow. However, Osbourne returned to the band in 1997. Ward left the band in 2012.

For their finals shows, the drummer Tommy Clufetos and keyboard player Adam Wakeman joined the band.

Their Farewell

At the end of the show, as they left the stage, Osbourne said: “Thank you , goodnight, thank you so much.”

Before the final show, Osbourne, in an interview with BBC, said: “I remember playing the Crown pub in Birmingham and thinking, ‘This’ll be good for a couple of years – drink a few beers and have a jam’.

“But it was the beginning of the most incredible adventure you could think of. I’ve had the best life out of it.”

He also confirmed that this is the definitive end of Black Sabath, saying: “This is definitely it. It’s run its course.”