An investigation conducted by detectives are currently interviewing the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over allegations over him accepting gifts from rich and prominent businessmen.

According to reports on the matter, the interrogation on Netanyahu could last for quite a few hours, and is taking place at the Prime Minister’s home situated in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu has denied any and all allegations for breaking the law over what seems to be an ongoing investigation first launched several months ago.

The Israeli authorities are currently examining the situation regarding whether or not Netanyahu has accepted several gifts that are said to be worth a value of hundreds of thousands of shekels, and whether or not these gifts had come with a condition of some sort for the other’s benefit.

Don’t Celebrate Yet

Netanyahu in a meeting that was held with the rightwing Likud party declared to them that there is no reason for the rival parties to be celebrating any type of delusional victory yet because there is nothing in the first place to even celebrate, as he had done no wrongdoing.

Netanyahu added that his party will continue to lead the state of Israel nonetheless, because all accusations against him are false.

Perfect Timing

The ongoing investigation serves the Prime Minister at quite an inconvenient time for him, due to his recent reduction of poll ratings that stem from accusations towards him and his political circle.

Netanyahu and his wife Sara, have received numerous accusations over the course of the past years that involve claims of spending budgets from the state towards their own personal use, and even going so far as using state funds on ice cream and laundry apparently.

Yair Lapid, who serves as Netanyahu’s most notorious opposing member from the Yesh Atid party stated that this investigation should come to a swift conclusion as soon as possible for the benefit of the state of Israel once and for all.