Barry Lynn and his open market initiative team have been relieved of their positions at the US research civic enterprise; New America Foundation due to his public rebuking of search giant company, Google’s constant abuse of market power.

This is in line with the decision of the European union to fine the search giant a whopping $2.8bn (£2.2bn) for breaching antimonopoly rules and its Ill-use of market control.

From the statement released on the official website of the company, Lynn lauded the decision of the union and called on US government bodies to take actions to control “dominant platform monopolists” such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

New America Foundation presided by Annie-Marie Slaughter is a think tank that has received roughly $21m as investment from Google, Schmidt and his family foundation since 1999. Slaughter stated that Barry Lynn was fired for jeopardizing the enterprise as a whole and not because of his earlier criticism of the organization’s major funder, Google.

She stated that though the enterprise has been working closely with Lynn and his team to establish Open Markets as a standalone program as done with others with the hope to preserve, nurture and maintain a solid partnership, Lynn has constantly and repeatedly refused to adhere to the organization’s code of ethics. This for her has continued to be a thorn and all efforts to seek a mutual agreement between both parties has been futile.

Google Calls For Freedom Of Speech

Google responded to Lynn’s claim of the company investigating his being fired as absurd saying that it has continued to encourage the open mindedness of different think tank company’s and accepts all kinds of opinions without any grudge.

With this new development, The Open Markets group has now launched a new site called Citizens against Monopoly as an independent body and has vowed to get revenge on google for trying to sensor journalists and researchers who try to shun the activities of dangerous monopolists.