Researching Brett Ratner’s Monday in the Los Angeles Times, along with testimony of half a dozen women accused of sexual harassment continued what became known. Exception and/or rejection of firsthand accounts. And now the race is cancelled.

Depending on whom you are wondering, Warner Bros broke off with Ratner afternoon or told Ratner to make a decision. Ratner said, “In the light of the statement I decided to associate him personally with Warner Bros.’s distance activities would not have any negative impact on the study until these problems were solved personally.”

Novelty came after Ratner lost his biography of former Playboy editor Hugh Hefner

“We will put all the development of our projects with Rat Pac Entertainment on hold until we can further review the situation,” said Playboy Enterprises spokeswoman for The Wrap. (Oscar winner Jared Leto announced on a paperboard a few days after Hefner’s death last month at 91, but today the term of office of the deputy stated that reports of his interest were “inaccurate”).

But the biggest trade crisis stemming from Ratner’s alleged behaviour – from masturbation to women and oral sex – a four-year partnership for $ 450 million co-financing between Rat Pac and Dune Entertainment. The agreement has recently expired and will not be renewed today. Although the studio did not officially hired Ratner, some people had more places in Burbank, where he also had a bureau.

Dina Zabava – co-producer of “Avatar” James Cameron with Light storm Entertainment – founded a leading hedge fund and former Goldman Sachs veteran Steven Mnuchin, currently serving as chairman of Trump Finance Minister.

The absence of Ratner is the third trip to Rat Pac-Dune-Reich this year. In April 2017 Packer sold his share to his billionaire colleague Lena Blavatnik. Mnuchin also left the company in June this year (after less than three weeks in the office for his current wife as CEO of Dune).