Sara Walters, owner of Sarahenna, offers free henna crowns to cancer patients who are losing their hair, in solidarity with the difficulty of their situation.

You may have known someone who has gone through the difficulties of chemotherapy, or you may have or are going through it yourself. Especially for women, the side effect of hair loss can be really tough. There have been many acts of solidarity with cancer patients over the last decade, including shaving your head for a friend going through chemotherapy

Sarahenna owner Sara Walters offered her own personal gift of solidarity by offering beautiful “henna crowns” for free to cancer patients at her store in Seattle, Washington. She told local media that she’s more than glad to offer the service, as benefiting someone else in a positive way is a “great feeling.” She thinks henna can give a “positive and uplifting experience during a time that is often filled with worry and stress.

Henna Crowns

The henna crown is a plant-based temporary tattoo that she paints on the scalp of her clients. It offers an artistic alternative to caps, hats and wigs, with a bit more freedom to artistically express themselves without the need of having hair.

The plant-based art crown leaves her customers feeling better about their appearance. One of her clients, Lauren Russell, said: “For a little bit, people don’t see that it’s because I’m sick. They see art. And it doesn’t look like just a bald head or any of that. It’s pretty.”

Walters’ stepdad had cancer, and sadly died only five months after his diagnosis. According to Walters, this was an experience that left her feeling “helpless,” and has made her glad to offer her time and expertise to do this for current cancer patients.