Jim Tinney stated that he didn’t do any wrong; he was only trying to do the needful but got fired from his job last month after causing distress to shoplifters.

Speaking to local media, Tinney said he attacked the three men that stole tool sets from the Home Depot by throwing a paint roller extension at one of those men. He stated that such action was in a bid to stop them.
Tinney couldn’t hold himself following the training he got from the army back then. The suspect made his way with no injuries, and Tinney was sacked from the department two weeks later.

Tinney admits his wrong actions but blames Home Depot for overreacting

The old army said that although he acted against the employment training, Home Depot took it too far by firing him. He emphasized that the firm should have written him up or rebuked him, but terminating his job is a very intense action.

Speaking to ABC13, Tinney said that he’s 70 years old and needs to get busy. He added that he enjoyed working with customers, learning what they need to do.

Home Depot speaks on the incident

Home Depot’s spokesman, Stephen Holmes told Daily News that the policy of the firm allows only trained security personnel to handle shoplifters, and this is aimed at securing employees and customers. As such, Tinney was fired because he violated the company’s strict policy.

Holmes added that recent cases turned out to be dangerous because a gun or a knife has been used. Cases like Tinney’s are being reviewed by the team that operates with the Human Resource Department of the firm.