A small plane bound for Telluride, Colorado crashed near Payson, killing a family of four. According to multiple sources, the victims have been identified as a Scottsdale based attorney and his family.

According to the Scottsdale police report, the Cessna 210 crashed killing a 31-year-old woman, Carrie Falbe, her 44-year-old husband, Eric Falbe, and his two daughters, a 12 and 14-year-old.

According to the Gila County Sherriff’s office, the plane was registered under Eric Falbe’s name. His law partner, Michael Maleson confirmed that Falbe was on the plane with his family.


“For those that worked with Eric, he will be remembered as a truly exceptional businessman and lawyer,” Maledon said in an email.

“But beyond Eric’s professional accomplishments, Eric and Carrie will be remembered for their passion for life and warmth toward others.”

The Gila Country Sheriff’s Office received a report from the Scottsdale Police Department at around 9:48pm, about a plane that was overdue, and hadn’t landed yet.

Carrie Falbe’s father called the Scottsdale police, concerned that his daughter usually texts him when they’re on the way. He reportedly called all members of the family, but none of them picked up.

The police then contacted several airports in the area, and found that the plane had not landed in any of them.


According to Sarah White, chief administrative officer for the Sherriff’s office, the deputies, the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Ranger helicopter and the Air Force Civil Air Patrol, later located the plane northwest of Washington Park, approximately 14 miles north of Payson.

The helicopter began searching at about 2 am, and the plane was found at 4:50am.

The plane was found in an area with dense trees and hills. Initially only three members of the family were found, but officials later confirmed that the fourth body was located, White said.