Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has taken a firm stand on what it perceives as instructions from the US government to essentially create a backdoor into its iOS ecosystem to essentially crack the security of the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooting suspect. This has seen the Cupertino-based tech giant draw massive amounts of support from its peers in the tech industry as well as independent key players including a high-profile offer from John MacAfee who offered to crack the encryption of the phone for the US government without putting Apple in a precarious position.

This series of events elicited what is essentially a back-and-forth between Apple and the Justice department and eventually saw Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook to also join the fray with an open letter, something that attracted both praise and ire from different segments of society including republican president hopeful, Donald Trump, who pushed for a boycott on Apple’s goods until they ceded control over their security. Apple has not only refused to unlock the iPhone in question, it has openly stated that the issue has been caused by the FBI’s mishandling of the situation, something that caused the phone’s password to change less than 24 hours after the government took custody of said iPhone.

In response to what has essentially been a blistering attack from Apple, which also found widespread support, the US government has restated its position on the matter, claiming that Apple has the right to keep the backdoor in question hidden as well as the methods used with their interest in the matter is simply regarding the phone in question, meaning that Apple would not be pushed to reveal its methods of compromising the iPhone in question. While this is a far cry from the initial demands made by the Justice Department, it may be a difficult compromise for Apple to agree to, given its current stand on the matter. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook and FBI Director, James Comey are expected to appear before the House Energy And Commerce committee to discuss their current stance on the matter and how they plan to move forward in this regard.