Baker Hughes Incorporated (NYSE: BHI) and Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) had an agreement back in 2014 that said Halliburton would take over Baker Hughes by paying 40% of the premium at that time. However, Halliburton has still not closed the deal and is reportedly “making a last-ditch bid” to save the deal.

According to New York Times, few of the unnamed sources revealed that the merger is unlikely to happen and Halliburton is expected to be unsuccessful in its acquisition which would then result in a break-up fee of $3.5 billion that Halliburton would owe to BHI. This may prove as a stabilizer to the company as analysts see 2016 a difficult year for the oilfield services giant and ideate an upswing in its earnings for the upcoming year.

If the merger agreement is called off, the Houston, Texas based company is most likely to grow at the hands of its functional and tactical moves due to its fair earning capacity and that affirms a win-win situation to envision a buy rating on Baker Hughes.