The intake of alcohol, even with modesty may put you in harm’s way: new review found that alcohol increases the risk of developing certain cancers, according to American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

“Many individuals don’t understand that drinking wine, beer, and other hard liquor helps to increase their risk of tumor growth in their lifetimes,” Dr. Bruce Johnson, leader of the ASCO, an association of cancer doctors said in an announcement.

“The connection between increased alcohol intake and cancer has been solidly established,” Dr. Johnson added. He said he believes that this new knowledge will enable doctors “to assist their patients to reduce their risk of developing cancer.”

The review of previous studies on the connection between alcohol consumption and cancer, published on Tuesday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, revealed that approximately 3.5% of all cancers death cases in the US could be linked to alcohol intake.

Scientists also noted that in 2012, around 5.5% of all new cancer cases and 5.8% of all cancer growths worldwide could be attributed to alcohol consumption.

Although the review showed that heavy, long-term drinkers have the highest risks of developing cancer, even moderate alcohol intake may increase cancer risk, according to researchers in the publication.

If an individual quits consuming alcohol for a long time – approximately 20 years or more -, be that as it may, their risk of developing cancer returns to that of non-drinkers, as indicated by scientists’ analysis.

Alcohol is a known human carcinogen

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a therapeutic journalist at ABC News said alcohol intake had been proven to be a causative factor in many types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, head and neck, and esophagus. It may even be linked to liver cancer, according to Dr. Ashton.

The vast majority may not recognize the connection between alcohol intake and cancer, Dr. Ashton stated, and in this way may miss out on a great opportunity to reduce cancer risk.

“The associations between alcohol consumption and cancer risk have been proven regardless of the type of alcoholic beverages,” which means the connection between alcohol and certain cancers was tied to the intake of just wine, beer. or others types of alcoholic beverages.