Children release balloons during a tribute to members of Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team who died in a plane crash.

All planes belonging to the airline involved in the tragic crash in Colombia have been grounded by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Bolivia. The action has been taken following an angry outcry from victims’ loved ones who say the crash could have been avoided.

The CAA announced that all flights operated by LaMia airlines would be grounded following reports that the craft which crashed ran out of fuel just eight miles away from the airport where it should have landed.


It plummeted into the Andes mountains, killing 71 out of the 77 people who were on board the craft. Many of those onboard were footballers and coaches from the Chapeco football team which had managed to reach the finals of one of South America’s most prestigious tournaments after a fairytale season.

But, the fairytale was to end in a nightmare when most of the team died in the horrific crash. Audio of the pilot communicating with air traffic control has now been leaked which reveals he shouted that the plane had run out of fuel. Relatives of those who died are angry after it was suggested that the pilot had the chance to refuel an hour earlier but failed to. It has also been reported that the pilot was only four minutes away from the runway, but spent 13 minutes circling.

Williams Brasiliano, who is the uncle of midfielder Arthur Maia, said that the team may not have been on a charter flight if they were part of a bigger operation.

He said: “Look how complicated that flight was going to be even if it had arrived. Even if they had arrived, it is clear that they would be tired from the trip to play a final. This can’t be right. I doubt that a bigger club would have done the same.”