Airbus had started restructuring its management with a new management between its main company and its fastest growing plane making company. This has led to a new reporting structure for the travel company.

The comments dual sales team have now been placed under Tom Enders, the group CEO.

This move further raises concern between shareholders and customers about this would affect the company’s future. Although the company had denied any form of a struggle between its partners.

According to the company, the changes were outlined last year as Bregier has been confirmed as the company’s group chief operating officer and the head of the commercial aircraft department.

“There is a need for the company to be integrated and we need to push for more collaboration and less spending. This would also help us make decisions and execute them faster.

The change is aimed at saving the company huge funds as it expected that the company will save millions of Euros and it is in line with the company’s drive to make the company into a “normal company”.

Mandatory Registration For Airbnb Home Owners

French authorities have implemented a new law that will make it mandatory for all Airbnb home owners to register their apartment with City Hall before putting it on the platform.

The law is set to take full effect in December as it is expected that the law will be passed by the Paris City Council. The law is aimed at targeting landlords who go against the 120-day legal limit that is set for renting out properties in France.

“The landlords will get a chance to register their apartments from on the 1st of October and it will be mandatory” the Paris City Hall deputy, Ian Brossat said.

It would also stop cases of tenants renting out their apartments on Airbnb without the express permission of their landlords.