The authorities in Milton Keynes are currently on a hunt for a young gang of boys who have been reported to be as young as nine years old as they have been suspected to assault a 58 year old man and mugged him, severely fracturing several of the man’s ribs, along with several injuries to the man’s face.

The police have stated that the elderly man had been taking a stroll around the West Ashland region at 10 in the evening last Monday, when a group of about seven young adolescents had approached him and proceeded to beat him.

Not Just Kids Anymore

It is believed that this attack had occurred on one of Redways on Milton Keynes, which serve as a path specifically for cyclists and residents to walk in.

The 58 year old had been assaulted by surprise from behind, causing him to crash to the floor, in which thereafter the young boys had proceeded to continuously beat him almost to death and stole his bag.

Just As Violent as Adults

Katrina Walmsley, the investigating officer from the Thames Valley authorities stated that these young boys had in an act of pure cowardice assaulted the man first by surprise from behind, then used to their advantage his inability to get himself up again and continued to beat him.

Walmsley added that it is believed the young boys are as young as 9 years old, and may reach up to 15 years of age. There are currently no additional details to describe the offenders but Walmsley has assured the public that she can be quite confident that at least someone in the area has some knowledge of these young men.

The bag has a distinctive design, with a color of royal blue and white and blue drawstrings are mixed in with it. The 58 year old victim underwent treatment at the Milton Keynes General Hospital and was released afterwards.