On Monday, Police arrested Arizona man, who is connected to the dramatic mass shooting in a street in Phoenix four months ago in 2016.


23-year-old, Aaron Saucedo, was arrested before that for a deadly shooting in 2015 but now was re-arrested for the 2016 mass shooting. He is being held in Maricopa County jail. Saucedo is involved in the series of street mass shooting in Phoenix from March to July 2016; he is now facing 26 charges.

Jeri Williams, Police Chief, confirmed on Monday that there are two other suspects related to the serial killer who killed 9 people.

“We hope that our community will rest a little easier and that our officers will get a little more sleep (knowing) that our wheels of justice are finally in motion at work,” Williams said.

Police arrested Saucedo last month as a suspect for killing a man named Raul Romero in August 2015. On Monday, police connected the death of Romero to the “Serial Street Shootings”. In addition to the murder of 22 year old Jesse Olivas who was killed in a shooting in January 2016.

Romero was dating Saucedo’s mother when he died. Other than Romero, all other victims were randomly picked.

“We will review all the evidence submitted to see which charges to charge the suspect with … to make sure we have a case that we will prosecute successfully and hold the individuals accountable for the harm made to the community,” Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney, stated.

Police are holding Saucedo responsible for such a tragic assassination that never happened in the Valley of the Sun for over a decade.


While Saucedo’s motives remains unknown, police officers are doing their best in the investigation to bring justice to the families of 9 innocent persons.

Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayor, said:  “Our officers didn’t rest,” Stanton said. “Investigators worked every lead. They followed the evidence. They had a clear mission: Get the killer to justice and get it right.”