A giant rooster sculpture with the characteristics of the US’s President-elect Donald Trump was put up at a shopping mall in the Northern Chinese city of Taiyuan, according to the New York Times.


A giant Donald Trump-esque rooster statue was installed outside of a shopping mall in the Chinese city of Taiyuan. The 23-foot statue was built in celebration of the “Year of the Rooster” in the Chinese lunar calendar, which came a few weeks prior to the president-elect’s inauguration.

Washington and Beijing’s relationship has been quite rocky over the last US election, largely due to Trump’s rhetoric about China during his campaign. However, the reaction to the giant rooster has been positive on social media so far.

Global Times had said that the statue is a “perfect blend of Chinese and Western cultures.” An employee at the Yihui Japanese Restaurant at the North America N1 Art Shopping Center, Zhang Guiqiang said, “it’s not bad looking.”

Inflatable versions of the statue were on sale at the online shopping bazaar Taobao. They were also selling a 32-foot version for $1,725.


Casey Latiolais, the illustrator and animator in Seattle who completed the design in early November for Beijing Reliance Commercial Land, said in a telephone interview that the company only asked for a statue in celebration of the Year of the Rooster, and didn’t mention Trump.

He refused to comment on why he had given Trump features to the rooster.

He did however tweet about the size of the final product by saying: “This was way more yuge than I expected,” ‘yuge’ being a known way Trump pronounces the word “huge”.

In November, a Chinese journalist had taken a picture of a blond pompadour with hair that looked eerily similar to Donald Trump’s hair and put it up on social media. The picture went viral and was published online by People’s Daily.