According to witnesses, masked youths carrying machetes chopped to death a young cyclist on housing estate in London.

A gruesome murder:

The gang, which were carrying large knives and wearing face covers, chased the 17-year-old victim and stabbed him several times. They left him in Battersea, slumped on the hood of a car.

Neighbors woke up early Sunday morning at 1:25am by the young victim screaming: “help me, I’m dying”. They immediately called for help.

Paramedics rushed him to a south London hospital, but he passed away almost 90 minutes later. The young man was the fourth teenager to be killed in London during this month, and the eighth this year.

According to the residents of Ingrave Street, the gang had arrived to their street earlier in the evening and were “hassling” people passing by.

One of the neighbors said: “There were about six of them, they jumped out of the car and started chasing him immediately. He was on his bike but they caught up with him and stabbed him.

“Someone shouted ‘police are coming’ which stopped the others from finishing him off and they got in the car and sped off.”

The victim’s bicycle and the car he was found on, which was soaked with blood, were removed by the forensic teams to test them further.

A woman laid flowers where the incident took place and said: “It’s terrifying. My kid is the same age, there’s been so many murders around here recently.

“I didn’t know the poor boy but my daughter saw the guys who did it minutes before, they were covering their faces and quizzing anyone who came out of the block.

“She was terrified of them so she lied about her age so they wouldn’t hurt her.

“It’s very sad that this has happened on my doorstep. We’re leaving the area next week and I can’t wait.”

A sharp increase in crime:

Over the past 12 months, knife crime was up 24% while gun crime increased by 42%, as per a report released by Scotland Yard earlier this month.

19-year-olds Jordan Wright from Catford and Abdullahi Tarabi from Northolt have been killed by stabbing earlier this month in their homes after being chased.

While 16-year-old boxer Karim Samms was shot dead in a drive-by attack on April 7 in North Greenwich.

This weekend, another fatal stabbing occurred, in Enfield, a man was killed in front of petrified children by a group wearing ski masks

The victim’s family has been notified of his death, according to a Met spokesman. He said: “There has been no arrest at this early stage and enquiries continue.”

In a separate this weekend, a man in Enfield was killed by a gang wearing ski masks in front of frightened children.