Earlier this month, Psyonix announced a new Basketball mode for its highly popular physics-based vehicle soccer game, Rocket League. If you thought playing soccer with vehicles was bizarre, imagine shifting gears to dribble down the court.

Called Dunk House, the new mode has been confirmed by the developer to arrive sometime next month. No further details were given away, except for a small GIF that showcased a player boosting his vehicle to initiate a slam dunk.

Break some axles in the Dunk House this April! #RocketLeagueHoopspic.twitter.com/VA23YUEEXM

— Rocket League (@RocketLeague) March 29, 2016

Following a soccer ball down the field in a vehicle seems relatively easy. No doubt, those who have been investing hours into the game will already have harnessed the skills of the game’s controls and be relatively at ease when trying to aim for a giant hoop.

Originally released for PC in July 2015, Rocket League has since then arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has found a bolstering audience on every platform. Despite being featured in Sony’s Instant Game Collection lineup, Rocket League went on to sell like crazy. The developer has also kept in close contact with the community, releasing timely patches and addressing issues. Suffice to say, Rocket League has been a very important release for this generation.

Recently, the developer teased the prospect of cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Currently, the game allows players on PlayStation 4 and PC to invite each other for matches. Perhaps in the coming months, we’ll see the Xbox One involved as well.