Speaking to Polygon in an exclusive interview, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has confirmed it plans to offer incremental changes to Xbox in the future. The news was confirmed by none other than the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

In the interview, Mr. Phil gave an insight on the company’s plans for the future and more specifically, its Xbox console. Microsoft wants to keep up with growing technologies by giving consumers the option to upgrade their existing console.

This will signal the end of consoles as fixed hardware boxes as we know them to be. This could also mean a longer life-cycle for the Xbox One. With Windows 10 powering all of Microsoft’s devices, it will enable games to be forward and backward compatible with different iterations of the same console under Universal Windows Platform. What that means is apps will be made as one and due to the flexible nature of Windows 10, it will run on multiple devices without any modifications to the code.

Mr. Phil believes that we are past the days when consoles offered the best price to performance value and were more powerful than desktop PCs in the same cost bracket. Now with PC hardware being so inexpensive, consoles must adopt the idea of allowing incremental changes to the hardware to stay relevant throughout its lifecycle and meet the demands of certain technologies.

Much of that holds true, but the console demographic is sitting comfortably with the idea of a one-time console investment that continues to deliver the best experience it can. Having the option to upgrade will make the Xbox platform just another PC. It remains to be seen how this strategy works out for Microsoft.

There was a rumor which pointed out that Microsoft could be planning for an AMD Polaris-based Xbox One revision with more horsepower under the hood. With this new revelation at hand, it seems quite plausible.