Facebook-owned (NASDAQ:FB) WhatsApp Messenger now notifies the users on Android operating system that the chat is encrypted from end-to-end, in what is now culminating to be a set of changes in all sectors of the app’s operations.

Recently, WhatsApp Messenger has rolled out a whole bunch of new features, which includes more emojis, support for an open beta program and probably the biggest of them all: the service that enabled sharing of documents with other users over chat.

However, with the introduction of end-to-end encryption, we’re not sure if sharing documents still stands as the most popular feature that WhatsApp has recently acquired due to latest updates. With a pretty hostile case of encryption and privacy between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), it just seems right that WhatsApp has gotten its users on board with a security feature as fool-proof, and absolutely essential these days, as end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp currently notifies users on Android about end-to-end encryption with a message in their chats, so when you open a conversation, you should see a message that this chat is encrypted from both ends. Moreover, extended messages on WhatsApp have also been collapsed. So, the next time you receive a whole article about how we can protect ourselves from Zika virus, or how to work the online cloud storage backup on your favorite service, WhatsApp will show a part of the message and display a “Read More” button at the end, if you want to view further.

These changes have all been primarily targeted towards Android users, but users on iOS should also receive any updates as soon as they are tested and verified by the service for any bugs or security risks. WhatsApp Messenger remains the most popular messaging service with more than a billion monthly active users, with its closest competitor currently standing at north of 800 million monthly active users; that being Facebook Messenger.