Far Cry: Primal is yet to release on PC and must have left many wondering how well the final product will come out to be. Considering the developer’s history with PC ports, it’s normal for fans to be a bit concerned regarding performance and overall optimization. However, a recent Twitch stream by TotalBiscuit has shown the game to be running extremely well.

Additionally, the stream also managed to afford fans with a look at the video settings that will be available in the game’s PC version. The first thing to notice was the added support for multi-monitor setups. The in-game HUD will automatically scale itself in accordance with your monitor setup.

The Quality settings included the same familiar host of options that allow you to crank the visuals up to the best quality: Textures, Shadow, Post FX, Geometry, Terrain, Water, Environment, Anti-Aliasing, Volumetric Fog and Motion Blur. The Advanced settings tab will allow you to toggle V-Sync modes and set your Field of View Scaling according to preference.

The game was also tested at several resolutions to get a feel for how it runs in demanding situations on all settings. Those watching the live stream wasted little time in posting FPS reports on NeoGAF. The reports claimed that Far Cry: Primal was hitting between 75-90 FPS on 1080p using an NVIDIA Titan X GPU, with most of the settings on High. At 1440p, the game managed to get a fair 60 FPS with the same settings and 30 FPS at full 4K resolution. Furthermore, any fear of game-stutter can be ruled out, as the same reports suggested that there is none.

Taking the subject of Ubisoft’s rather disturbing treatment of the PC platform in recent years, it also has to be said that the developer has seemingly begun redeeming itself in the past months. Rainbow Six: Siege received a smooth launch and Far Cry: Primal is so far reported to be running beautifully. Additionally, The Division just left a lot of beta testers happy and lying in wait for the full release.

Far Cry: Primal releases on March 1st for PC. Are you ready for it?