The wheels of hype have been set in motion. This week, publishing giant Take-Two Interactive has revealed to MCV in an exclusive interview that it plans to surprise everyone at E3 2016 in a “big way”. The bold statement can only mean that the company has some major announcements packed away.

Take-Two Interactive is one of the biggest entertainment giants in the industry with two of the most prominent development houses under its corporate umbrella. Both Rockstar Games and 2K Games have produced some of the most highly acclaimed games over the years. The former created a beautiful westeaction-adventure title in the shape of Red Dead Redemption, a game that continues to be one of the highlights from the previous generation. Fans have been clamoring for a sequel for a while now, and speculations are on the rise that Take-Two could possibly announce Red Dead Redemption 2 at E3 2016. It has been a long time since the game was introduced to us and now feels the right time for a sequel.

Grand Theft Auto V’s story downloadable-content has been rumored for a long time. It is possibly looking at post-launch story expansions like The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned for Grand Theft Auto IV. The announcement will be right up there with a new Red Dead Redemption in fan reception. The fans have come to love the unholy trinity from the game. We might get to revisit the lives of Michael, Trevor and Franklin at least one more time in a possible story expansion.

Mafia III will definitely be present at the show but it is likely to not be the highlight. The game is due out sometime in 2016. If Take-Two is planning on wowing the world, they will have to do much more than just another gameplay trailer for Mafia III. A somewhat forgotten name could make a return, and you’re right – it’s Bully. While there has been never been an official confirmation, we have always been teased of a possible sequel time and time again.

We’re grasping at straws right now but blame Take-Two for that. It has let our imaginations run wild. We can only assume what grand plans the publisher has in store for us at E3 2016. But rest assured, Take-Two has our attention now. E3 can’t come sooner.