Director Hajime Tabata has very high hopes for the ending of Final Fantasy XV, making his intentions aware in a recent interview with Game Informer. Tabata hopes that players who invest time in FFXV’s detailed and intricate storyline at the very least end up crying after having developed some sort of emotional attachment to the characters.

He clarified that when players invest so much of their time into a particular story, they attach themselves with the characters and plot. Eventually at the end of the story, if the climax and culmination is not satisfying, they end up feeling detached. Tabata went on to explain that he intends to attach players to characters depicted in his storyline for FFXV and eventually build a climax after which the audience will be left in tears – in a good way.

He further added that one of the major goals for FFXV is to top the achievements acquired by Final Fantasy 7 when it was released back in the 90’s. FF7 completely revolutionized the concept of the franchise upon release and eventually saw many fans flocking to the title. Tabata wishes for the same for his creation. He stated that by taking on team members who also worked on the project way back in the 90’s, they have a better chance of defining and achieving the goals they aim to get.

While the release date for FFXV is still unknown, we are fairly confident that 2016 is the year for its release. Having been under development for many years, the project spearheaded by Hajime Tabata is finally nearing its completion. The franchise has never been at a more fragile point and the new title will determine whether it manages to stay relevant or fades off into just another game series.