Price and release date for the Steam-powered HTC Vive VR headset was leaked today, and it caused shockwaves to erupt on any tech blog you visited or any forum you put a post on. It didn’t take HTC too long either, to publish the leaked information on its blog, making it official. HTC Vive will cost $800, a full $200 more than its closest competitor, the Oculus Rift, and pre-orders will start on February 29, before the device is shipped in early April.

HTC made the announcement on Monday, February 21, at Mobile World Congress 2016, but VentureBeat posted the price and pre-order date on Saturday, February 20. The leaked details on the website raised early questions about the device’s rumored price, as the Oculus Rift headset will be shipped for $200 less than the Vive. However, it was confirmed on Sunday that the tipped price was indeed true, and that the virtual reality headset will be available for pre-order as the month of February comes to an end.

According to Digi-Capital’s estimates, the virtual reality industry will be worth more than $120 billion in around four years’ time, and HTC Vive, along with Oculus Rift, are the two devices which are looking to go head-to-head in the preliminary rounds to take the VR industry crown. After which, Samsung and most probably Apple, will enter the market with their own offerings, and make the competition a lot stiffer than it is right now. Therefore, it is important for HTC to make its mark as soon as it can, and to develop a decent standing in the market through the head-start that it is getting through Vive.

The device will ship with the headset which sports a microphone, and a controller for each hand, and sensors for tracking movement in a room-scale environment. Furthermore, Vive Phone Services will allow users to take calls, respond to text messages, and do it all with the HTC Vive headset on their head.

For pre-orders, HTC is giving away two games, Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraptions, for free. So for fans of the virtual reality scene, or those who are simply fascinated by the concept by experiencing a whole new world in front of their eyes just by wearing a headset, April cannot come soon enough.