Publisher Panic recently announced in a blog post that Firewatch has managed to sell over 500,000 copies in its first month on PlayStation 4 and PC. Essentially being an Indie game, Firewatch has gone to extreme lengths to impress the most demanding of fans of the genre and this time there are figures to back up all the talk.

Firewatch lets players assume the position of a fire warden at a national park, where the game takes you through various journeys with characters from all sorts of backgrounds. For people who love to get lost in a provoking adventure with strong narrative, this is the experience for you guys.

Panic talks about the hard facts and figures in its blog post, commenting that the first month of sales is considered as a huge success for the company in light of its target goals and design scale. Firewatch also managed to snag the top spot at the PlayStation Digital Download store for a decent amount of time.

While the sales figures can’t be compared to other massive AAA titles, for the ambitions and targets Panic had set out to achieve, it was great. In fact, Firewatch managed to recover its entire investment in the first day of sales – pretty good by our standards.

The publisher goes on to speak about the fact that it isn’t taking it easy or slow; instead, it is shifting its focus towards post-launch support. In particular it is looking to make the gameplay experience smoother for both PS4 and PC players with timely updates while keeping a careful eye on fan feedback.

While 2016 is set to bring us some of the best AAA titles out there, it wasn’t so long ago that all the talk about games was coming from Indie games. As we like to reflect on times passed, a game like Firewatch presents us with a perfect opportunity to yet again do the same. Start your very own adventure, now for just $20.