Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) is making sure that the upcoming reboot of Mirror’s Edge does not go unnoticed. Posting on the game’s official website over the weekend, DICE detailed five major enemy types that players will have to deal with in the game. The developer made it apparent some of these enemies are going to be tough, all the while giving away tips for defeating them.

Guardians are a common sight in the game, and will be often sighted making sure that employees are adhering to the Conglomerate’s policies. On their own, they will offer little trouble for runners. Nonetheless, players should make sure to take them out quickly before they call for reinforcements.

The product of better and reinforced training, Protectors can be a “serious threat” if they are found in groups. They are equipped with protective gear to resist damage, and can surprise players by counter-attacking their repeated attacks.

Shock Protectors
Trained for organized resistance, Shock Protectors are equipped with Kinetic Pacifiers and are heavily armoured. Even a single unit is capable enough of pushing back large groups of resistance. In the scenario of a whole group of Shock Protectors, you can be assured that they alone will be able to quell an entire riot.

It’s useless to attack Shock Protectors from the front, as their heavy clothing enables them to absorb attacks. According to DICE, players should use movement to their advantage; traversing the environment, dodging their blows, and catching them from behind. Those with the “Stun Advantage” ability should move in close and deliver a few quick attacks to a dazed Shock Protector before breaking away.

The special tactics team is highly versatile in quickly obtaining positional advantage on the battlefield and delivering high damage from range. Their large range attacks are both their strength and weakness.

When facing off against an Enforcer, make sure to keep your surroundings in check. Your mission is to move in as quickly as possible, since Enforcers are lightly armoured and are no match for close-quarter combat. It’s important that they be taken out, as ignoring them can be hazardous for your health. They’ll just keep on targeting you from afar.

These elite-level troopers are the toughest enemy-type that players will face in the game. Sentinels are trained through a special secretive program; boasting speed, mobility, quick reactions and decisiveness and tenacity.

Consider it your bad luck if you cross paths with one. The only way to efficiently dispose of a Sentinel is to build distance and attack from the air. However, note that Sentinels can easily counter-attack, hence, players will also have to keep their repeated attacks in check.

Never enter their personal space since they can easily knock you out with a single punch, following up with a barrage of attacks.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is slated for a release on May 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.