League of Legends is not only the most popular game on the planet right now, but also has a major hand in breathing life into the competitive scene of the video-game industry. According to official statistics released by Riot Games in December, League of Legends’ 2015 World Championship recorded an average of over 4.2 million concurrent viewers throughout the four weeks of the tournament. In addition to that, the Grand Final featured over 36 million unique concurrent viewers – a shattering figure for any esports event.

Taking that into perspective, know that developer Riot Games believes League of Legends is still growing and is nowhere near its “tipping point.” Speaking at Game Developers Conference this week, the company’s Vice President of Esports Dustin Beck took the popularity aspect of the competitive scene of League of Legends, and stated that this does not translate into the game reaching its peak. “Absolutely not,” he said, adding that this is just the beginning and League of Legends still has much room to grow.

It’s both amazing and scary to realize that a game that has already wrapped its clutches around the world is believed by its developer to still have space to grow. Perhaps, Riot Games is looking forward to the time when esports is recognized as an official part of the Olympics.

Elsewhere in his GDC 2016 talk, Beck pointed out how Riot Games borrowed key elements from the current esports industry and worked on it to offer a high-quality and consistent competitive scene. During this learning process, the developer had to also risk getting rid of various established practices. Beck revealed that Riot Games had to ultimately scrap the evil practice of asking viewers to pay for streams. All official Riot Games streams offer free HD streams, which is much appreciated by its entire global player-base.

League of Legends is currently in the process of overhauling its entire client, bringing much needed new – mode– features. In terms of content, Death Blossom Kha’Zix has finally arrived in the Store for 975 RP. On the other hand, we were recently treated with the announcement of the next champion, Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger.