The Division is currently slated to receive two free “Incursion” updates that will introduce additional challenging activities for players to experience and in the process, gain some sweet loot. Ubisoft has announced that the very first Incursion expansion is called “Falcon Lost” and will release on April 12.

Set in an underground water treatment facility, the expansion is going to feature Hard and Challenge modes for players to choose from. Those with a gear score of level 31 will qualify for the former, while it goes without saying that the Challenge difficulty mode is going to have agents sweating.

It’s important to note that Falcon Lost is without any checkpoints. This makes it incredibly vital for teams to ensure communication and team synergy between their players; for the squad will have to redo the whole mission from the very beginning if it gets wiped out.

That being said, Ubisoft has thrown in an incentive in the shape of “new loot” which will await the players each time after clearing the Incursion. There’s no limit to how many times Falcon Lost can be replayed; new loot will be available upon each successful completion. This goes for all upcoming Incursions as well.

As for the rewards, Falcon Lost features four new rare gear sets. Ubisoft has teased that wearing a full set will unlock a “new, never-before-seen talent” in accordance to four different play-styles.

Besides the Incursion, the update itself will bring in the highly requested ability of trading loot with members of the same squad. A pretty nifty feature will allow you to follow your teammates around upon death; a kind of spectator mode. There are also going to be new daily Assignments, Dark Zone supply drops, some balances and tweaks for gameplay stability and perhaps a few adjustments for multiplayer.

Ubisoft is not ready to reveal information about the second Incursion at this point. We know that it’s entitled Conflict and will be set in New York City’s Columbus Circle. We’ve been teased a lot of new features being planned for the Dark Zone, along with other new additions. We’ll know more when we’re done with Falcon Lost, at which point Ubisoft will probably reveal the release date for Conflict.