Ubisoft’s The Division has just commenced its second ever Beta Test, this time being an open style one for all to participate in. Of course, as Ubisoft acknowledges the hype and the fact that the first beta test couldn’t nearly include as many people as it needed to, this time it is offering something extra for all players. The extra offering comes on top of the already existing upgrades that have been made for the open beta, including a new single player mission and one for unlocking the first upgrade to your FOB’s Tech Wing.

Ubisoft will be sharing new Intel with players on a daily basis that will prompt them to take part in a daily mission. Players who successfully manage to circumnavigate New York and accomplish the task will be rewarded with a sweet new item each time and whoever does the best for that day will receive a unique item, every day.

The mission for day-one of the Open Beta event involves players reacting to the early stages of the catastrophe, being tasked with search and rescue operations attempting to recover as many civilians as possible to get that top spot on the server.

This in itself is very exciting, but what it stands for is perhaps a bit more intriguing for a person with my gaming taste. Whenever developers talk about something like ‘the best performer’ it usually means a system to gauge that performance in the form of a public Leaderboard. Seeing Ubisoft incorporate the importance of one makes us feel slightly better about the future of The Division.

Apart from in-game extras, Ubisoft is also stepping up its efforts outside of the virtual world, where it is providing tips and tricks on a daily basis through video logs. The videos are extremely helpful in understanding The Division and all that it offers. Have a look for yourself below.