The most unfortunate part about completing a single-player game is the fact that you no longer can play it anymore, assuming you don’t like repeating content. With games that create as much hype as today’s AAA titles, it seems that a few months of popularity and hype is not enough, which is why developers take to Expansions and DLC packs. The attempt to extend the life on various titles, where both developers and fans have simply not had enough, has seen some of the best expansion packs yet; 2016 being no different.

The first half of 2016 will see some of the best expansions coming to games that have acquired the critically acclaimed status. Developers of Bethesda, CD Projekt RED and Avalanche Studios are hard at work, ensuring that the fan base is not easy to forget their titles.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4

Automatron DLC

Bethesda is fast at work, developing the latest DLC for its award-winning title Fallout 4 dubbed Automatron. The expansion will add several new robot companions to the game, each one customizable with parts collected from the world. The DLC will also introduce a small quest-line that will prompt players to explore robot-ridden areas and discover new technologies that can aid them in their quest for post-apocalyptic survival.

Automatron will also introduce five new achievements, as well as feature the use of the Robobrain, a multi-purpose robot that acts very similarly to humans. While there is no exact release date, we believe it will be coming out some time this month.

CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3

Blood And Wine DLC

The second expansion being developed for the Game of The Year from CD Projekt RED is a well-guarded mystery, but certain details revealed strategically have made it one of the most anticipated as well. Blood and Wine will feature a mission that will be the last for Geralt as a main character and will feature a story that has little to no relation with the main story line. Blood and Wine will feature a complex story-line that introduces Geralt to an all-new antagonist, one that developers expect to resonate strongly with the fan base. With no exact release date, all we know is that July 2016 should be the month we get to see this DLC.


Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3

Sky Fortress DLC

Available on March 8 for all Season Pass holders, Just Cause 3’s newest DLC will introduce a weaponized version of the wingsuit, all-new missions to accompany the DLC storyline, a new assault rifle and a personal drone. Sky Fortress will feature some of the most dangerous robots creations you have ever seen in Just Cause 3, all emerging from one source, the Sky Fortress mothership. In your journey to destroy the fortress and put an end to its drone attacks, you will uncover many new tools that you need to use to overcome the fortress defenses. The DLC will be released just after the release of a small patch that addresses a lot of performance issues, so expect a more polished, optimized gaming experience.