Over the past few years, WhatsApp has exponentially expanded its user base, with over a billion active users. Now, the company could potentially enable a new wave of users to the service if the newest rumors hold up. The company’s offering is exceptionally inviting. The service is completely free to use, it utilizes a simple and efficient texting system which is linked with phone numbers and has a huge user base which means you’ll find most of your friends on the service already. Apart from being multi-platform on mobile, WhatsApp also offers a way to interact with the service from a web portal on PC, however, it seems that a much more streamlined and robust solution is in the works.

WABetaInfo is a twitter account which reports on upcoming and potential WhatsApp features, and earlier this week, he posted a series of screenshots which hints at upcoming native versions of WhatsApp for Mac and PC. The images he has shared come from WhatsApp’s community supported translation page and they clearly depict download options for Windows and OS X, which are probably being translated for WhatsApp’s official website. The page contains translation objectives for all the text which you would find in a download page. The obvious deduction from these screenshots is that the company is planning to bring the service to two of the largest remaining platforms.

Although this news isn’t necessarily confirmed at this moment, it wouldn’t be much of a surprised if WhatsApp actually releases both clients in the near future. Since the beginning, WhatsApp has gone in a trajectory which entails getting the service onto most major platforms to make the service available everywhere.

Among the numerous supported platforms are Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BBOS, Nokia and even Symbian devices. With this move, WhatsApp will truly become platform independent while providing the best unified experience. Whichever device you’re on, you’ll be able to use the WhatsApp application without the need for switching your device. And this unified experience is exactly what should catapult WhatsApp’s user base numbers and lure users away from iMessage, a growing competitor.