Rosenblatt anticipates Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ: FB) upcoming F8 Developer Conference to be held this April 12-13, maintaining its stock a Buy at $125 PT. Facebook’s core focus is on how Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and VR/ AR blend with mobile ad addition during 2016-2018. This event will elaborate how Facebook’s revenue growth visibility is on an upward trajectory due to advertising and app functionality expansion.

Analyst Martin Pyykkonen believes FB’s revenue growth visibility is likely to climb due to more video ads and Instagram ads this year. Instagram has already brought on board large brand advertisers pulling majority of its early run rate from outside the U.S. It is expected to bring over 10% of Facebook’s advertising revenue, a predicted amount of over one billion dollars, contributing to 5% of Facebook’s total revenue by year end.

The social media giant is also expanding Messenger’s functionality by introducing consumer services, such as travel support. While the app previously offered social connectivity, it will now allow hotel/ flight bookings and reservations. Facebook has recently joined hands with KLM Airline to grow in transportation support.

The firm will gradually introduce targeted advertising, keeping a low ad load rate initially. However, the plan is to let advertising form a substantial chunk of the company’s financial model by next year. Facebook has approximately 800 million MAUs for Messenger, of which about 100 million where added in 2HFY15 alone.

Company shares are soaring with a 7.34% increase over the 3 months ending March 31, 2016. Market remains positive in light of upcoming earning release, scheduled for April 20.