It was in 2013 when Nintendo announced that it would no longer be holding large annual E3 presentations. Instead, the company opted for hosting digital events, or Direct Broadcasts. On the surface, the idea was to divide announcements throughout the year with multiple broadcasts rather than sticking to a single event. In actuality, Nintendo was finding it tough to gather enough announcements to make its E3 presence matter. Additionally, the prospect of digital events helped the company lower its costs; hosting a physical presentation at E3 can be expensive business.

However, this year holds immense importance for the company. The Nintendo NX console is strongly speculated for an official unveiling this year and what better way to make a grand entrance than lifting the veil over its new hardware?

This year, Nintendo has the opportunity to return to the E3 stage with a bang; announcing its new console, tantalizing us with key launch titles and reaching out to its audience. Following its rather dismayed handling of the Wii U over the years, the company needs to be present on the show-floor this year, besides its new console, demonstrating its features to a live audience.

It also has to be taken into consideration that Nintendo’s decision to put aside large E3 presentations for digital events has pretty much marked it for defeat in the eyes of some consumers. Hence, it makes it vital that the company announces its new console on a real stage, rather than through a live video.

That being said, a Direct Broadcast could do the same, even though a physical presentation emits confidence and offers a greater impact. However, we must also realize that Nintendo’s Direct Broadcasts have been a success in the company’s eyes. In its 2014 investors meeting, Nintendo revealed that its E3 2014 Nintendo Digital Event video attracted almost 5 million viewers on the first day alone. Additionally, the total views of all of its E3-related videos went over 10 million.

Another aspect to consider is that Nintendo has pretty much perfected the way it garners attention through its online videos. Digital events also do not limit you to a time slot. Nintendo can utilize as much as time as it requires, and through multiple broadcasts, to give away trailers and showcase each of its upcoming games.

And there’s a lot to reveal. Gameplay details for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will probably take up an entire video, much to the enjoyment of fans. Not to forget that we also have The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Wii U to look forward to.

Regardless of whether Nintendo sides with a large – physical – E3 2016 presentation or not, there will be fans on both sides of the fence awaiting the reveal of the Nintendo NX. Personally, Nintendo could use the E3 2016 stage to leave behind the crippled years of its last console and start anew. However, in light of its Broadcast numbers, the company could still do the same and reach its target audience.