T-Mobile has been an alluring temptation for travelers, and for credible grounds. If you have ever been to Mexico or Canada, you have most probably enjoyed the convenience of a high volume of high-speed LTE data without the strain of an overwhelming phone bill. Quite sadly, the fantasy is over as T-Mobile has announced that starting from the 12th of November, it will put an end to the LTE data plan that introduces no extra charge to a 5GB every month maximum while you travel to neighboring countries to the US. It doesn’t indicate you will run into overages but that you may have to make do with browsing speeds as low as 128 kilobytes per second if the allotment is exceeded. Unlimited LTE may be enjoined by One subscribers at the expense of an extra $25 charge on the basic plan for One Plus international.

High-Speed Data to be reduced outside the US

In addition, your data volume may be reduced if a subscription is not made to the unlimited plan. A customer for example, with 6GB abroad, will only have a little over 4GB to use outside the states if 2GB of the total data volume has been consumed. Furthermore, those whose plans have been capped will no longer use their stash of data when in Mexico or Canada.

The fact that T-moble would do this is not entirely surprising. The network would have to pay costs for roaming and is most likely petrified by the thought of the Netflix marathon you had while in Vancouver. The developments, however, do not repeal its attraction to customers and potential subscribers to its service. Though 5GB is an okay volume for a brief holiday, it will in its way affect your disposition, and you may discover you will use Hotel Wifi instead of choosing to use your cellular data alone.